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The Infrastructure behind millions of product

Founded in 2006, Medistri has been focused on building infrastructure for the healthcare industry. Companies of every size, from startups & university projects to Fortune 500 companies use our services to save time, scale and focus on what they do best.Medistri reduces the barriers to healthcare product development & scalability. Medistri « The infrastructure behind millions of products.»

Development of Medical Devices Testing Stack:

Patient safety is predicated on the medical device’s specific structural materials and also on a comprehension of the compounds and residuals that might be produced or recognised throughout the supply chain. Medistri’s laboratory team aggregates all data, outlines findings, and recommend risk management proposals in a transparent, detailed, and precise manne — Allowing you to bring your safe product to market quickly. Medistri « Development of Medical Devices Testing Stack.»

Extractables & Leachable’s (E&L) Testing for Pharmaceuticals

Extractables and leachables (E&L) studies are now a crucial component of product release. Medistri’s Laboratory provides GMP-compliant leachables method validation for use in GMP stability testing and storage programs and are able to support a variety of closure or drug delivery systems. Medistri « Extractables & Leachable’s (E&L) Testing for Pharmaceuticals»

Sub-Visible Particle Testing

Medistri’s laboratory performs medical device particulates testing on injections, parenteral infusions and medical devices as particulate matter is produced through various sources during processing. Particulate matter in injections and parenteral infusions consists of mobile undissolved particles, other than gas bubbles, unintentionally present in the solutions. Medistri « Sub-Visible Particle Testing »

Contract Steam Sterilization Services

Steam sterilisation technology exposes your products with saturated steam under pressure. Steam enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms by reducing the time and temperature required to denature or coagulate proteins in the microorganisms. Medistri « Contract Steam Sterilization Services »